Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ayurveda and it's roots...A glance on History.

Ayurveda a Science immortal. With a great past, brilliant present and promosing future. But,regarding this Science of life there are so many myths prevailing. My effort is just to remove the clouds of doubt from the mind of readers regarding Ayurveda.
Ayurveda with it's roots deeply dug in the past as good as 5000 BC back, it's scienc which was thought and rewritten by The Lord Brahma, the soul God of creation as per the mythology. It is said that before the creation of the universe, while Lord Brahma thought of doing the same, he realized that well being of the universe would be a tall task at hand, so before creating Universe he thought of Ayurveda. As the word itself is made up of two words Ayu + Veda. Ayu, stands for life, while Veda comes from Vid dhatu that means to know. So Veda stands for the essence of the knowledge. As per the rich Ayurvedic History, it's been mentioned that Lord Brahma recalled that Holy knowledge of Ayurveda for the well being of the Universe. If we talk on he philosophical basis, it might have been a situation of recalling the experiences of own life to materialize a dream which could have been larger than life, a selfless motive to guide the life through all up and downs of life. As per the reference from Sushruta Samhita, it has been said that, after recalling the holy knowledge Lord Brahma took a task to penn it down, and he created a book of Ayurveda named as Brahma Samhita, it included 1000 chapters and 1 lak verses. I just wonder what could have been the size of the book. But, in the era of modern sciences where we have developed a habit of measuring each and everything based on documentation, I will be in a state of hare caught in sharp focus light, cause I have no documented proof of the same book, it's all mythology. 
In the legacy of Ayurveda, next name comes in the history books is Daksha Prajapati, the father in law of lord Shiva, or to be precise, father of Godess Uma Parvati. He learnt Ayurveda through Lord Brahma and later he taught the same to Ashwinau- twin brothers and Royal Physicians of Gods. When Lord Indra was troubled by some grave disease, he was successfully treated by Ashwinau, and he urged them to teach the same and learnt all the 8 branches of Ayurveda in length.
As the time passed on, diseases started creeping up on the earth. And the intellectual sages, who devoted their entire life for the well being and upliftment of the society found themselve in a difficult position to treat these diseases. As per the reference from Charaka Samhita, a symposium was called upon to dicuss the matter and sages from different part of the globe gathered in the foot hills of Himalaya. As the discussion progressed, they realized that the world was lacking a potent system of health care. Then, it was decided that Ayurveda can be an answer to all the woes of the society, who will bring it down from the land of the gods was a big question in front of them......... This was the begining of a new era in the order of the world.. Probably, the mother of all the sciences was knocking at the door.... But, who will bell the cat? Who will reach upto the land of the gods, to procure the holy knowledge of Ayurveda? Is it an easy task to master this science? We will have our answers....

Ayurveda and we, The People..

Hello Friends.... Ayurveda  being a very primitive science, there are many myths and lies are involved with it. I intend to clear all those doubts with the help of this blog of me...

I will be discussing here Ayurveda in length.. Looking forward to your best responses.

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